8 Cemeteries Around San Francisco That Will Give You Goosebumps

Want to settle your bones in San Francisco for eternity? Good luck. Back in 1900, when there were some 30 (or so) cemeteries scattered throughout San Francisco, an ordinance was passed to stop burials within the city limits (mostly because it was all on pretty lucrative land). In the following years and decades, bodies were moved to cemeteries mostly down in Colma, just south of San Francisco. Things got especially messy after the 1906 earthquake and fires, when many burial records were lost. In fact, unclaimed headstones and monuments eventually were recycled and used for drain gutters and seawalls (find remnants at Buena Vista Park and Aquatic Park). With that said, we’ve managed to round up a few cemeteries and columbaria in and around San Francisco to visit.

Have you visited any of these cemeteries in San Francisco?