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The Delightful Small Town In Northern California You Probably Don’t Know Exists But Should Visit ASAP

Nestled in the foothills between Lake Tahoe and the Central Valley, there is a delightful small town called Nevada City. It’s got plenty of rural charm and a surprising amount of sophistication for such a small community. If you are drawn to the artsy, creative culture of large cities but crave the countryside’s charisma and slower pace of life, then Nevada City is the place for you.

Take a stroll through the heart of Nevada City and be dazzled by its small town charisma. Old buildings from the 1800s will remind you of a wild west town and the mid century design of town hall hearkens back to a slower, simpler time.

There is so much to do in Nevada City that you might be tricked into thinking you’re in a bustling metropolis! The friendly smiles and small town charm will win you over however, and it will soon become clear that you are in a unique and quaint community in the heart of California Gold Country.


Jill Sanford
Born and raised in the heart of Northern California's Gold Country, Jill now lives in Truckee, CA and dabbles as a creative storyteller and freelance journalist. She is an outdoor recreation enthusiast who loves the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the quirky people who have made their homes there. Jill loves skiing, hiking, and paddling in the backcountry as well as exploring the rural parts of California that most people have never heard about. She is also a big fan of small town pride, list making, hand lettering and typography, and empowering women and girls in the outdoors. Read more of her work at or follow her instagram adventures @jillcsanford.