11 Awkward Moments Every Northern Californian Has Endured At Least Once

No matter where you live, you’ve certainly encountered your fair share of uncomfortable situations. But here in Northern California we are subjected to a whole slew of unique instances that cause us to reel with awkwardness — here are 11 that seem to occur relatively frequently in the our neck of the woods.

11. When you get choked up by these California Tourism Commercials…

(Okay, we know there are quite a lot of Southern California spots in this video, but the Northern Californian ones that are featured are spot on, wouldn’t you say? If only Northern California had its own department of tourism!) But for real, though, this is such a cool place to live and play!

What do you think, fellow Northern Californians? Did we leave any awkward NorCal moments off our list? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.