Hiking To This Aboveground Cave In Northern California Will Give You A Surreal Experience

Caves are pretty amazingly cool. We have lots of them here. But above ground caves are a little harder to come by. This is one that makes you go a little bit beneath the surface but not far. When you live in Northern California there’s no lack of adventures into the wilderness. We’ve got beaches and forests, lakes and streams to meander through. But, when you take a hike and come upon an amazing cave like this one, you’ll be tempted to hike just about every weekend you can.

If you still have no idea where to go to find this awesome cave, we’ve included directions below. What are you waiting for? Send this link to a friend and get a date on the calendar for your Pluto cave adventure!

Directions: Jump on Highway 97 in downtown Weed, head north for 12 miles. Turn left onto County Road A12 for 3.2 miles. Keep an eye out for a poorly marked dirt road and make a left. Then drive to the trailhead. The dirt road is not far after the turnoff for the Juniper Valley OHV area. You’ll see metallic letters spelling out “Pluto Cave.” They’re nailed to a telephone pole by the dirt road.