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These Fireworks Displays In Northern California Will Blow You Away

Who doesn’t love a spectacular Fourth of July celebration? Being from Northern California means for quite a lot of us that our blood runs red, white and blue. So, it’s only right that we seek out the best places to throw down a blanket or two and stare up at the night sky –just waiting for an incredible fireworks show. Am I right?

Here’s a list of quite a few that are definitely going to be off the hook this year. Remember, you need to be sitting somewhere before dark to watch the show. So, don’t miss out!

There are LOTS more shows than these. So, make sure to share your towns 4th of July pyrotechnic events with all of us! Don’t forget to include the dates and times!

Joanne Kraft
Joanne is a fourth-generation Northern Californian. She knows good sour dough bread when she tastes it and understands the best parts of the Golden State are nowhere near Los Angeles.