This Amazing Time Lapse Video Shows North Dakota Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

There are so many beautiful parts of North Dakota – a lot of the state being wide open plains and rolling prairies. If I had to choose my favorite season for the state in terms of when it looks most beautiful, I’d have to say late summer just before harvest season. Everything is lush, the night skies are clear and full of stars, and when they aren’t it’s probably due to one of our summer storms, some of which look terrifyingly awesome. This time lapse video of footage taken in the summer of last year captures these things in an amazing way. It’s almost surreal!

This was shot and edited by Joshua Eckl, who uploads other awesome time lapse videos in both North and South Dakota and a couple of other states – like this one shot in Manvel, ND from only a few days ago. It’s definitely awesome content and it deserves some more views so go check it out!