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8 Strange Spots In North Dakota That Will Make You Stop And Look Twice

North Dakota is full of unique and sometimes unusual sights, but there are some things you just aren’t prepared for that make you do a double take when you see them. From the weird and quirky places to spots that leave you scratching your head, these are eye catchers you probably won’t find anywhere else. You certainly won’t forget about them after the first time you notice them.

North Dakota certainly has a thing about large animal statues, that’s for sure (and this list doesn’t even cover all of them). How many of these have you seen? Wahpper, the Catfish in Wahpeton, is probably my favorite I’ve seen, mostly based on the name alone. I’ll admit that I did a double take the first time I saw it!

Beyond neat statues, North Dakota also has some unique houses that can be just as eye catching. A couple of them featured here were also on a list showcasing some of the more unusual places where people live here; check out which other ones were included.

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