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There’s No Building In The World Like This One In North Dakota

I’ve mentioned this place in an article before, but have never really gone in depth about it, and I think it’s time to change that. This place is so fascinating in origin, information – and just on appearance alone. You’ll never find anything like it anywhere else in the world, and you won’t believe some of these facts about it. It truly is bizarre; just see for yourself.

The entire complex cost billions of dollars to build and ended up being completely unused. In 2012, the site went up for auction and sold at $530,000. It is now private property and not open to the public. The place is still sitting empty and untouched for the most part, and becoming eerier as time goes on. Here is a video from just last year of some drone footage showing the creepy atmosphere and crumbling concrete.

It’s like something from a dystopian novel to me. I wonder how long it’ll still be there? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still around well after our lifetimes, living on as a strange part of history most people don’t know about. This story is also a pretty unknown, and insane, bit of history, and happened right in North Dakota. This state has quite the past!

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