West-Coasters Trying To Pronounce North Carolina Town Names Is Hilarious

North Carolina has all sorts of vocabulary. We have words that only we know. ‘Yonder,’ ‘mash,’ ‘fixin,’ and the southern international – y’all. But when it comes to town names…those can get tricky. With a deep-rooted and long history, our town names have seen a lot of variation.

They’re easy for us to pronounce…maybe because we’ve heard them before, maybe because we’re used to the slang. But what happens when someone from the complete opposite end of the spectrum, AKA the West Coast, tries to pronounce them? Well, the results are pretty hilarious and you can see for yourself below.

The funniest part is…I was actually born and raised in one of the places they try to pronounce. What about you? Did your town make the list? Were there some you’d never heard of before. Needless to say, North Carolina has a very interesting vocabulary. I like it!