The Most Amazing Types of North Carolina Heroes To Come Out Of Hurricane Matthew

Three weeks ago, North Carolinians were bracing for Hurricane Matthew. As it ravaged the coast, it collided with a cold front, sending down torrential rain throughout the eastern region of the state. Rivers flooded, roads were completely closed, and thousands were left stranded without a home, fresh drinking water, and a sense of peace. Communities came together to help during the time of crisis, and out of the terrible impact and devastation, there were glimmers of hope and true heroes.

Residents from Anson County also came together to collect 10,000 pounds of donations for flood victims.

For now, North Carolina is focusing on recovery, 26 lives were lost, and damage is reported to be around $1.6 billion. Many have lost everything they have, their homes, their safety, their belongings – but even in the darkest of times, communities came together to support each other, which is truly incredible.

If you’re looking for ways to help during this time, here are links to flood support efforts.

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