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This Just Might Be The Most Dangerous Hiking Trail In North Carolina

Grandfather Mountain has long been a popular North Carolina destination. From witnessing the black bears, to walking across the Mile High Swinging Bridge – there’s plenty of easily accessible adventure here. While many choose to drive to the summit and take it all in, even the drive can be a bit stomach dropping. How about climbing your way to the top? Perhaps the most extreme, challenging trail in North Carolina is right here on Grandfather Mountain – the Grandfather Mountain Trail.

Wow! Absolutely terrifying yet also exhilarating, I don’t think you’d find me scaling any ladders on a side of a mountain – maybe one day though. What do you think of this trail, would you ever do it or have you done it before?

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Emory Rakestraw
Emory was born and raised in North Carolina. She enjoys writing, photography, filmmaking, travel, wine and cheese. You can find more of her work on