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Most People Have No Idea This Unique Park In North Carolina Exists

Think back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, bugs grew as big as labradors and it was a constant battle between gentle giants and less-than-gentle carnivores. From a T-Rex stampeding through the trees to Pterodactyls swooshing above your head, for most we’ve only been able to imagine such a world through movies like Jurassic Park or visiting a museum, until now. Carowinds’ “Dinosaurs Alive” exhibit lets children and grown-ups alike walk with the giants.

Wondering what it’s like to walk with dinosaurs? Take a quick tour by watching this YouTube video posted by sbhammonds.

What a unique attraction! All I can think is about the amazing photo opportunities this would provide. Have you visited Dinosaurs Alive?

Emory Rakestraw
Emory was born and raised in North Carolina. She enjoys writing, photography, filmmaking, travel, wine and cheese. You can find more of her work on