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Most People Don’t Know The Enchanting Story Behind North Carolina’s Wild Horses

If you take a four-wheeler out to a long stretch of uninhabited beach in Corolla, you’ll see a glittering coastline, pristine, untouched vegetation, and something magical: wild horses. It’s a rare and wonderful sight, wild horses roaming the beach, and something we’re lucky to be able to experience in North Carolina.

North Carolina is home to some truly magical sights and places, but the Corolla Wild Horses are one of a kind. Have you witnessed them for yourself?

Corolla isn’t the only location with wild horses – you can catch them on Shackleford Banks and Currituck!

If you love North Carolina magic, these 15 places are straight out of a fairytale.

Emory Rakestraw
Emory was born and raised in North Carolina. She enjoys writing, photography, filmmaking, travel, wine and cheese. You can find more of her work on