17 Years Ago, North Carolina Was Invaded… And It’s About To Happen Again

If you were already dreading North Carolina’s summer sounds that are annually created by crickets and frogs, then it might be time to invest in a good set of ear plugs. The spring and summer of 2017 are set to be noisy ones. Hiding right beneath you this entire time, there’s a fleet of insects that are finally ready to emerge from the ground after a long seventeen years.

Expected to invade not only the Tar Heel State but also South Carolina and Georgia, another cyclical invasion of cicadas is on its way.

Never heard what these enormous insects sound like? Then listen to the sounds of the cicada in the video below brought to you by Jojikiba on YouTube!

Were you able to make it through this post without your skin crawling? I know I wasn’t able to. If you’ve ever witnessed a cicada invasion in your life time, be sure to share your own experiences with these large and noisy bugs in the comments section!