The Ultimate Terrifying New York Road Trip Is Right Here – And You’ll Want To Do It

Ready to take one of the most intriguing and terrifying road trips New York has to offer? While writing for Only In New York, I’ve come to realize that us residents of the Empire State love creepy tales! In an effort to bring you New York’s best road trips, we’re kicking off this series with some of the scariest sites around. With an endless supply of breathtaking gifts from Mother Nature, sometimes New Yorkers get the itch to venture off for some urban exploring and to check out the areas of the state that may not be so peaceful. Hold on tight! This road trip is going to scare the socks right off of you, let’s check it out!

What do you think, would you take this terrifying road trip? There were a handful of places I wish could’ve been a part of this list, but due to either demolition or failing the tests of time, they no longer stand. As stated previously, there will absolutely be more road trip articles to come in the future. Abandoned and terrifying places of the Downstate area, I’m looking at you. So make sure you tell us in the comments below and on our Facebook page – New York Only, what terrifying places you want to make the next road trip!