You’ve Never Experienced Anything Like This One Unique Attraction In New York

We may not be able to explain why, but there’s something magical about carousels. They always draw us in no matter what our age. When taking a trip to our Big Apple, it’s natural for visitors to instantaneously feel overwhelmed by all of the attractions that there are to see. Being overwhelmed by the long list of things you’d like to squeeze into your visit, means that often some of our best attractions go unnoticed and easily fall under your radar.

Ready to take a ride on an aquatic carousel like no other? This one New York attraction is like nothing you’ve ever experienced:

Ready to see what this magical carousel looks like when it’s operating? Watch this fascinating video below to see what the carousel looks like during the day and at night!

Did you realize this unique carousel was hiding right in our big city? Tell us at Only In New York if you’d ever try this aquatic ride!