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Most People Have No Idea Giant Tunnels Of Cheese Are Hiding New York

Some people say they couldn’t live without chocolate. Others declare coffee as their one true love. Carnivores lament the idea of life without bacon. All of those things are delicious, but for us… it’s cheese. Luckily, a cheese-lover’s paradise is hiding right here beneath the busy streets of Brooklyn.

Have you heard of Crown Finish Caves?

Crown Finish Caves do, however, keep an awesome Instagram account featuring photos of the tasty oasis, the aging processes, and their finished products. You can learn more about their tasty hidden treasures, and where to find the cheese once they finish the aging process on the Crown Finish Caves website. It will absolutely make your mouth water!

Meg Archer
Meg is a Visual Media Editor & Writer for OnlyInYourState. She works in social media management, content production, video editing, and creative concept development. Meg enjoys playing with her food (cooking), writing furiously (at inconvenient moments), and exploring (everything and everywhere).