The Oldest Town In New Mexico That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

What town do you think is the oldest in New Mexico? If you guessed Santa Fe, you’d be right. Sort of. Our capital was established in 1610, which makes it the oldest city in our state. However, to find the oldest town, you need to travel centuries further into the past. Taos Pueblo and Acoma Pueblo are the oldest settlements in New Mexico and both sites are fascinating to visit. However, Taos Pueblo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s located next to the town of Taos, which was founded around 1615, shortly after Santa Fe.

Considering its size, Taos offers an incredible number of attractions and activities. For more ideas about how to make the most of this historic town, read our past article: “This Charming Town In New Mexico Is Perfect For A Summer Day Trip.” Many of the activities mentioned can be enjoyed year round.

Taos is far from New Mexico’s only old town. We are blessed with numerous historic towns that will transport you to the past.