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These 6 Towns In New Mexico Have The Best Plazas To Visit

A plaza is usually defined as a marketplace or public square. However, that fails to convey the importance of plazas in New Mexico. Here, these spaces act as the heart of our towns and cities and as an outdoor living room for their residents. They’re a place to gather to celebrate annual festivals and special occasions, or just to hear live music. During the holidays, strings of lights wrap around trees and farolitos (sometimes called luminarias) line the walls of surrounding buildings. To appreciate this aspect of life in New Mexico, stroll around one of these six plazas.

How many of these plazas have you been to?

New Mexico has lots of historic towns with – and without – plazas that are worth investigating.

Juliet White
New Mexico staff writer for Only In Your State and freelance writer. A committed travel junkie, Juliet has lived on two continents, but believes that the sunsets in New Mexico are the best. She can be reached on Twitter @JulietWrites.