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If You Live In New Mexico, You Must Visit This Amazing State Park

Sinkholes may sound more like a hazard than an attraction, but they are the reason why people visit one New Mexico state park. Bottomless Lakes State Park consists of eight sinkholes filled with water. These oases are so beautiful that they inspired the founding of this state park – New Mexico’s first – in 1933. Ever since, people have been taking advantage of the recreational opportunities available at this unique place.

Bottomless Lakes State Park is a one-of-a-kind destination. If sinkhole swimming isn’t on your summer bucket list, add it now!

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The Land of Enchantment is blessed with several unusual state parks. In addition to sinkholes, we also have entire cities formed from rocks. Learn more here. Wherever you live in New Mexico, there’s bound to be an amazing state park close to you.


Juliet White
New Mexico staff writer for Only In Your State and freelance writer. A committed travel junkie, Juliet has lived on two continents, but believes that the sunsets in New Mexico are the best. She can be reached on Twitter @JulietWrites.