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10 More Underrated Places In New Jersey To Take An Out-Of-Towner

When guests come to visit the Garden State, they often want us to take them to one of two places – New York or Philadelphia. Sure, I get it, but New Jersey has a lot to offer out-of-towners. Here are a few places your holiday houseguests should not miss.

Where’s your favorite place to take guests in the Garden State? For more ideas, check out my original post (geared towards warmer weather): 13 Underrated Places In New Jersey To Take An Out-Of-Towner. For other indoor options, check out these 12 Unique Museums.

Kristen Koennemann
Kristen is a freelance writer, editor and social-media manager who really loves her state. She's here to share all that New Jersey has to offer with residents and the rest of the world.