A New Jersey Beach Day Turned Into The Craziest Catch And Release You’ve Ever Seen

Imagine heading down to Long Beach Island for a family fishing trip. You’re standing along the shore, when you feel a pull on the line. You can tell it’s a big one… but you don’t expect what you see next.

Catching sharks along the coast on Long Beach Island isn’t incredibly rare, but this was no small shark. A 13-year-old, fishing with his father, reeled in a 200 pound Sand Tiger Shark. The footage of the crazy catch and release is wild!

Sharks are more common in the area at night, but this (not so) little guy was caught in the middle of the day just several weeks ago. Have you hooked a shark along the Jersey Shore? What would you do if you reeled a massive one in? For more on this story, see ABC7. For more New Jersey wildlife, see this crazy bear fight or this swimming pool adventure.