The Abandoned Town In New Jersey That Most People Stay Far, Far Away From

New Jersey’s most notorious ghost town isn’t really much of a town at all anymore. Even at its peak, there were probably only several structures. While some say you can still see ruins in the woods, I can’t say for certain – I’ve never been. While I love visiting Garden State ghost towns like Batsto Village, Waterloo Village and Raritan Landing, all preserved and open for the public to enjoy, this abandoned town is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

After all, if any state had an inter-dimensional portal, it would be New Jersey. Simply because our state is out of this world! Bad puns aside, this is certainly one of the strangest stories surrounding a New Jersey ghost town, but I’d love to hear yours. Share your favorite legends/conspiracy theories in the comments.

For a quick peek into Ong’s Hat today, check out the video below:

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