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10 Undeniable Ways You Know You’re From The State Of New Jersey

If you’re from New Jersey, you know it and you’re proud of it. You know what New Jersey is really like, and don’t mind the stereotypes. You think our state is so silly? Fine, stay out! We’re crowded enough as it is. We know how great Jersey is – so great, it doesn’t even need the “new”. We cringe when outsiders say “Joisey”, we proudly represent our exits and we are never too far from a mall. Here are ten other undeniable ways you know you’re from New Jersey.

Of course, there are other ways to know if you’re from New Jersey. What would you add to this list?

Kristen Koennemann
Kristen is a freelance writer, editor and social-media manager who really loves her state. She's here to share all that New Jersey has to offer with residents and the rest of the world.