We Dare You To Take This Road Trip To New Jersey’s Most Abandoned Places

New Jersey has a rich history that lives on in so many ways. Our state’s achievements and major moments are captured in monuments, museums, literature and well-preserved historic structures. We also offer a variety of restored living history villages that reflect life in the Garden State at various points in time. While these are all amazing ways to surround yourself in our state’s past, there is another way. New Jersey is home to a variety of abandoned sites offering a unique (and often eerie) picture of what once was.

While these are spectacular places worth knowing about, please note that some are on private property and are dangerous to enter. Explore the publicly accessible spots to your heart’s content and learn more about several of these abandoned New Jersey locations in the following posts: Cliff Dale Manor, Fort Hancock and Trenton Psychiatric Hospital. For directions and specific location details, see this map.