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Uh Oh…. Here are The 9 Drunkest Cities in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a vacation destination, so it’s no wonder that the Granite State is known as a great place to kick back and have a drink. It turns out that according to the National Institute For Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, New Hampshire residents consume more alcohol than any other state in the nation. The average New Hampshire resident drinks 4.65 gallons of booze a year. In the next highest state – Delaware – the average is only 3.59 gallons. Some cities in the granite state are a little drunker than others, judging by the amount of bars, liquor stores, and drunk tweets. That’s right, measured alcohol focused social media tags like #beer and #drunk to help discover the 9 drunkest cities in New Hampshire.

Can we be surprised about this, in a state that sells alcohol along the highway?

Kelly Burch is a freelance writer from New Hampshire. She shares stories of travel, adventure and anything else that catches her interest.