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The Secluded Restaurant In Nevada With The Most Magical Surroundings

The Pink House is a delightful secluded restaurant in the enchanting and beautiful town of Genoa. It offers a wonderful selection of artisan products such as charcuterie, cheese, beer, wine, and specialty coffee. Its menu consists of salads, charcuterie and cheese plates, sandwiches, soups, and other light fare. Dinner is served after 5:00 p.m.

The Pink House is a yummy slice of history in the beautiful town of Genoa. Located at 193 Genoa Lane, in Genoa, The Pink House is open Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, please call (775) 392-4279. Have you visited this delightful restaurant? Please share your experiences below.

Natalie Faulk
Natalie Faulk is a freelance writer, poet, blogger, educator, and the author of several books including a number of poetry collections and her most recent The Downfall of American Corrections (which are all available on Amazon). She is also a regular contributor to Football Nation and BlogMutt. In her spare time (which is ample thanks to her chronic insomnia), Natalie enjoys poker, movies, and cooking.