32 Undeniable Reasons Why Nevada Will Always Be Home

Ask anyone born in the Silver State what home means to us, we’re very likely to recite some of the lyrics from “Home Means Nevada.” It’s not that we all read the same Battle Born memo. It just happens to be our state song.

Even Las Vegas-bred band The Killers have been known to sing it in concert:

Written in 1932 by Reno’s Bertha Raffetto, “Home Means Nevada” was adopted as the official state song in 1933. According to a Reno Gazette Journal article, the song had divided support among state legislators due to its mention of the Truckee River. “The piece continues to be criticized for its Northern Nevada slant,” writes the newspaper. “When the Clark County school children sing the song, they have been known to change the ‘Truckee’s silvery rills’ to the ‘Colorado’s silvery rills.'”

No matter which river’s silvery rills you prefer to sing about, here are 32 undeniable reasons why home means Nevada, straight out of the state song:

Welcome home.