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The Largest Botanical Cactus Garden In The Southwest Is Right Here In Nevada And It’s Mesmerizing

Ethel M.’s Botanical Garden is a four-acre botanical cactus garden located at the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory in Henderson, just south of Las Vegas. It is the largest botanical cactus garden of its kind in all of Nevada and among the largest in the world. Take a look at this breathtaking and mesmerizing slice of Nevada nature.

Ethel M’s botanical cactus garden—and the chocolate factory—are located at 2 Cactus Garden Drive in Henderson. They can be reached at (800) 438-4356 or you can visit them online at Both are open to the public daily with no admission charge. Have you seen this gorgeous botanical cactus garden? Please share your thoughts below.

Natalie Faulk
Natalie Faulk is a freelance writer, poet, blogger, educator, aspiring stand-up comedienne, and the author of several books. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys poker, movies, and cooking.