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Most People Don’t Know These 11 Movies Were Filmed In Nevada

Most people realize that movies are generally not filmed in the cities in which the films actually take place. Oftentimes it may be less expensive to film in another city/state or weather may preclude a filmmaker’s original desire for setting. Whereas many movies have been filmed in Nevada thus far—like the obvious like Vegas Vacation, Casino, Rain Man, The Cooler, Showgirls, and Leaving Las Vegas —many others have also been filmed in the Silver State. How many of these 11 were you aware were shot in your own backyard?

Filmmakers shoot movies in various locales for a variety of reasons. How many of these Nevada-filmed movies were you aware of? Do you know of any others? Please comment below.

Natalie Faulk
Natalie Faulk is a southern California-born, Colorado-raised, Las Vegas-based freelance writer, blogger, and the author of several books. In what little spare time she has, Natalie enjoys cooking, movies, comedy, and dancing.