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The 11 Very Best Day Trips You Can Possibly Take In Nevada

Have you ever had one of those days with absolutely nothing to do? Of course you have; we all have. Well, Nevada is chock-full of fun-filled and interesting day trips for just that type of occasion. From exploring beautiful scenery to learning about Nevada’s history to hunting for ghosts, there are several options for enjoyable, historical, and amazing day trips within this wonderful state.

Nevada is far more than Las Vegas, Reno, gambling, and desert. Instead, it is a state rife with natural beauty and impressive history. Several locations provide wonderful day trips for a fun-filled family outing. How many of these day trips have you taken? Have I left your favorite off my list? Please comment below.

Natalie Faulk
Natalie Faulk is a southern California-born, Colorado-raised, Las Vegas-based freelance writer, blogger, and the author of several books. In what little spare time she has, Natalie enjoys cooking, movies, comedy, and dancing.