This Insane Nebraska Weather Timelapse Video Will Drop Your Jaw

On July 7, 2014, the sky over the capital city did something incredibly strange and beautiful. Looking up, all you could see was a dark cover of cloud sparkling with up-high lightning. With the naked eye, it was unusual and a bit intimidating. Sped up with time lapse video, it is positively bewitching.

The footage, shot by Alex Schueth, is a perfect look at how the unusual clouds make their way across the sky just like ocean waves.

Thanks to Alex Schueth’s video and the photographs of other weather lovers, the Cloud Appreciation Society has begun campaigning for Asperitas to be named a whole new type of cloud. If the campaign is successful, it will be the first new officially recognized cloud type since 1951.

Next time you look up and see a sky that looks like a stormy ocean, snap a few pictures and share them with us on our Facebook page.