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10 Burger Joints in Nebraska that Will Make Your Mouth Water

We’re serious about our burgers here in the belly of beef country. When someone suggests going out for a burger, we don’t pile in the car and head to McDonald’s – we hunt down the best, juiciest, most mouth-wateringly perfect patty we can find. Here are 10 of the best burgers you can buy in Nebraska…in alphabetical order to prove we don’t play favorites. (See our second list – with 30 more of Nebraska’s best burgers – here!)

Everyone’s got their own personal favorite burger, and sometimes the best of the best are found at tiny hole-in-the-wall establishments. We want to hear from you: where do you think Nebraska’s best burgers are served? (Be sure to check out our second list containing 30 more awesome NE burger joints here!)

Delana is a writer and editor who has lived in Nebraska for most of her life.