The 21 Places You Should Go In Nebraska In 2017

From beginning to end, 2016 has been a pretty memorable year. Here at Only In Nebraska we’ve taken you to some of the state’s most well-known destinations and the most underrated places. We’ve shown you tiny restaurants, unforgettable wineries, beautiful natural areas, and some lovely human-made places as well. We’ve all shared our state pride and a laugh or two about this amazing, surprising, sometimes wacky place we love.

In preparation for 2017, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite places that we’ve talked about this year. If you didn’t get around to visiting them in 2016, make 2017 your year. We’ve purposely left off most of the “big” things that you’ve probably already done or are planning to do – visiting the Omaha Zoo, seeing Carhenge, swimming in Lake McConaughy – and focused more on those underrated Nebraska experiences. Unfortunately we had to limit the length of this list…because it could have been hundreds of items long.

Whew – that is a lot of places to get to in the coming year. Are you up to the challenge? Or maybe you have different trips planned for the new year. Let us know in the comments which Nebraska sites you want to visit in 2017.