The Restaurant In Montana Where Your Meal Is Free If You Can Eat It All

It’s no secret that Montana is full of people who love to eat. And thanks to our abundance of locally raised meats, fresh huckleberries, cherries and plenty of other produce, you can’t really blame us. And for those who REALLY love to eat, several of the Treasure State’s eateries offer food challenges and contests.

If you visit Billings’ Bull Mountain Grille when you’re starving, you just might walk away with a free meal (and a VERY full belly).

A few years ago, this YouTuber, The Storm, took the challenge and finished his meal in about 36 minutes.


Do you think you could eat a 78 oz. steak if you knew it would be free if you did? Here are some other mouthwatering steakhouses in Montana that are great for “practicing.”