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The 10 Most Terrifying, Spooky Places To Visit In Missouri This Halloween

There are haunted attractions, specially formulated to bring the scares, and then there are actual haunted places, whose stories and history can bring the scare just by being there.  Here are some places in Missouri that have all been reported as haunted, that you might just want to see in order to make your Halloween season legit.  Let’s go!

What are some other haunted places, ghost stories, or scary legends from Missouri?  Have you visited any of these places?  What was your experience?  Share in the comments below! (We’d love to hear your ghost stories!)

Stephanie Butler
A native Midwesterner with a love for family, friends, and learning new things. In second-stage of career life, this former college instructor enjoys contributing to OIYS, blogging, reading, and spending time with her kids.