Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Towns in Missouri To Live In

These rankings are based solely on the amount of crime and likelihood of being the victim of a crime. Nothing else was considered, so while they may be “dangerous” on paper, they may just be worth the risk. I’m also not saying that if a place ISN’T on this list that it is particularly safe either. If you want to look into the numbers, check out the calculator I used at

It is once again worth mentioning, that different neighborhoods within these communities might be more dangerous than others.  It is worth looking into this before a visit to any town, so that you are aware of the more dangerous areas.  And also, just because a place has a problem with crime, doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting or that it isn’t working on improvement.  Do you know of any other areas that may be a little dangerous and worth being cautious of?  Share in the comments below.