These 16 Songs About Missouri Will Touch Your Soul Today

Missouri is a musical state steeped in history. We’ve got it all, from Americana to Hip Hop and everything in between. Here are some songs specifically about Missouri, and a few by people from Missouri. Enjoy.

1. “Missouri Waltz” by Johnny Cash (NOTE: “Missouri Waltz” is Missouri’s State Song)

2. “Missouri Moon” by Rhonda Vincent

3. “Missing Missouri” by Sara Evans

4. “Kansas City” by Wilbert Harrison

5. “Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo.” Lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, from the musical “Damn Yankees.”

6. “Missouri” by David Nail

7. “They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dawg Aroun’ (Missouri Hound Dog Song)” by Byron G. Harlan

8. “Big Foot 1967 (Country Songs About Missouri)” by Dick Curless

9. Walkin’ To Missouri (Poor Little Robin)” by Sammy Kaye (Tony Russo, vocal)

And now some songs that may not be “about” Missouri (although some have references to it), but are by artists that are from Missouri….

10. “I Am a Song” by Missouri Mile (They are from the small town of Josephville)

11. “Movin’ On” by Missouri (band from Kansas City)

12. “Maple Leaf Rag,” composed by Scott Joplin, who lived in Sedalia and St. Louis

13. “All I Wanna Do,” by Sheryl Crow, from Kennett, Mo.

14. “Country Grammar,” by Nelly, from St. Louis.

15. “Take My Breath Away,” performed by Berlin, written by Glendale High School (Springfield, Mo.) graduate Tom Whitlock

16. “Johnny B. Goode,” by Chuck Berry,from St. Louis.

I enjoyed putting this list together and listening to all of these songs (some for the first time). I LOVED the song about Big Foot. What are your favorites? What are some that we have forgotten or may not know about?