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These West Coasters Tried Missouri Food For The First Time… And The Results Are Hysterical

Barbeque ribs, toasted ravioli, red hot riplets, St. Louis style-pizza and gooey butter cake are pretty common foods for people from Missouri. Hard to believe these six people had never tried them. Check out their reactions when they do…

To sum up, EVERYONE LOVES Gooey Butter Cake! I also question whether Provel was used in the pizza, as it should have gotten a bigger reaction for taste. I personally haven’t tried the chips, but the rest of the foods are definitely Missouri. I get cravings for fried ravioli! What do you think of their reactions? The foods chosen? Share in the comments below.

Stephanie Butler
A native Midwesterner with a love for family, friends, and learning new things. In second-stage of career life, this former college instructor enjoys contributing to OIYS, blogging, reading, and spending time with her kids.