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11 Incredible Hikes Under 5 Miles Everyone In Missouri Should Take

There are so many gorgeous hikes in Missouri, a person could live their entire life and never have time to experience all the beauty and nature that Missouri provides. Even the most novice hiker can probably maneuver most of these trails, as all of them are under 5 miles long. Missouri has over 50 state parks, all with trail systems of varying levels, but here are a few that we particularly love. For more information on Missouri State Parks, visit

Where is your favorite place in Missouri to go for a hike? Have you traveled any of these trails? We would love to hear from you!

Stephanie Butler
A native Midwesterner with a love for family, friends, and learning new things. In second-stage of career life, this former college instructor enjoys contributing to OIYS, blogging, reading, and spending time with her kids.