We Dare You To Take This Road Trip To Missouri’s Most Abandoned Places

From abandoned towns to abandoned hospitals, this road trip will showcase some of the most haunted places and (to some) eyesores that Missouri has to offer.

1. Missouri Penitentiary – Jefferson City

This prison only recently closed in 2004 after having been in service since 1836. In the mid 1900s, 39 prisoners were executed using the penitentiary’s gas chamber.

2. Bridgeton Hotel – St. Louis

Once a bustling hotel in the suburbs of St. Louis, this has turned into an abandoned neighborhood eyesore. When the airport expanded, it overtook the main road’s entrance to the hotel, running them out of business and shutting them down.

3. Lemp Brewery- St. Louis

Do you like haunted houses and being scared? The abandoned Lemp Brewery realized its scare potential and was turned into a haunted house in St. Louis.

4. Ghost Town – Moselle

Explore the abandoned bank, library, shops and homes that are all still standing in this small ghost town off of AH road.

5. Old St. Mary’s Hospital – Ironton

Due to poor economic conditions, this hospital run by the Sisters of St. Mary’s, was forced to shut down after only being open for less than 10 years. Though decrepit and crumbling, the building’s foundation and structure still remains.

6. Abandoned Railroad – Irondale

The railroad may no longer be in use, but its tracks are still visible as well as what’s left of the Iron Furnace Company Store and Warehouse.The railroad was constructed in 1886.

7. Celebration City – Branson

This theme park could never catch a break. First opened as “Branson USA” in 1999, it prematurely closed in 2001. Herschend Family Entertainment Company purchased the park in 2002 and reopened it in 2003 as “Celebration City.” Unfortunately, it didn’t pull in as much profit as was expected and closed in 2008. The rides, ticket booths and buildings still stand in this abandoned park.

Have an abandoned spot you’d like to add to this road trip? Let us know!