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If You Live In Mississippi, You Must Visit This Unbelievable Thrift Store At Least Once

There are some thrift stores where great finds are far and few between…and then there’s The Lucky Rabbit. The one-of-a-kind “junk joint” features thousands of square feet of merchandise and dozens of vendors. A bargain hunter’s dream come true, this unbelievable thrift store is an absolute must-visit. Take a look:

Get a closer look at The Lucky Rabbit in the video below:

Visit The Lucky Rabbit at 217 Mobile Street in Hattiesburg. Remember, it’s open four days each month, beginning on the first Thursday of the month. For more information, including upcoming sale dates, click here.

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Daniella DiRienzo
Even though she was born in New York, Daniella has lived in the south pretty much her entire life. The self-proclaimed southerner graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2011. Since graduation, she has worked as a freelance writer for several websites and opened a clothing consignment shop in her town of Picayune, MS.