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7 Truly Terrifying Ghost Stories That Prove Natchez Is The Most Haunted City In Mississippi

Between being one of the oldest cities in the state and having hundreds of structures on the National Register of Historic Places, it should come as no surprise that Natchez is filled with spooky places. In fact, the city has been dubbed the most haunted in Mississippi. Not convinced? These seven creepy ghost stories should definitely do the trick.

Want to check out the haunted city for yourself? Daily ghost tours are offered by the company Downtown Karla Brown. For only $25 per person, you’ll be taken on a two-hour tour of some of Natchez’s most haunted locales, including the Under-the-Hill area, the old county jail, several antebellum homes, and Kings Tavern. All tours begin at 406 Franklin Street, and can be scheduled here.

What are some other places in Natchez that are known to be haunted?

Daniella DiRienzo
Even though she was born in New York, Daniella has lived in the south pretty much her entire life. The self-proclaimed southerner graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2011. Since graduation, she has worked as a freelance writer for several websites and opened a clothing consignment shop in her town of Picayune, MS.