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You Won’t Believe What’s Hiding In Plain Sight Near The Mississippi River

Situated just a few miles from the Mississippi River, you’ll find a deteriorating piece of history known as the Mamie S. Barrett. The abandoned steamboat once transported a president and signified luxury. Today, the Mamie S. Barrett is quickly dilapidating and is now merely a shell of what once was.

Even in its current state, it’s clear that the Mamie S. Barrett was at one time a magnificent site. Did you know this steamboat even existed?

Daniella DiRienzo
Even though she was born in New York, Daniella has lived in the south pretty much her entire life. The self-proclaimed southerner graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2011. Since graduation, she has worked as a freelance writer for several websites and opened a clothing consignment shop in her town of Picayune, MS.