These 10 Songs About Minnesota Will Touch Your Soul Today

Minnesota is such a wonderful state that has inspired many a songwriter to sing praises (or jokes) about our cities and landmarks. Here are some songs inspired by Minnesota to keep you thinking about home!

1) Uptown, Prince

A tribute to one of our favorite neighborhoods which has grown immensely in popularity!

2) Girl From The North Country, Bob Dylan (and Johnny Cash)

A beautiful song by one of Minnesota’s best artists of all time.

3) Big River, Johnny Cash

While it’s not all about MN, it’s an ode to the Mississippi, with references to its start here!

4) Say Shh, Atmosphere

Another classic Minnesota song by a Minnesota artist. A great shoutout to Minnesota and the Midwest as a whole.

5) Skyway, Replacements

Another beautiful song about love in Minnesota!

6) Hail! Minnesota (State Song)

The official song of Minnesota, and bursting with Northern pride!

And if you ever need a laugh, here are some epic parodies and funny songs about Minnesota!

7) Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota, Weird Al Yankovic

A hilarious song about the journey to see the biggest ball of twine (Darwin).

8) The Minnesota Song

An original song about trying to escape Minnesota winters!

9) Minnesota Gurls, Mippey5 (Youtube)

A great response to Katy Perry’s California Gurls.

10) Minnesota Style, Mippey5 (Youtube)

Another hilarious parody, this time of Psy’s Gangnam Style.

What other songs about Minnesota do you like? Share them in the comments!