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23 Times Snow Transformed Minnesota Into The Most Beautiful Scenery

Finally Minnesota has a fresh layer of snow, and it’s about time! For the past month we’ve been dealing with the post-fall crash when the leaves are gone and the snow hasn’t yet blanketed the state, turning it into a winter wonderland. So, to honor the beginning of another season full of beautiful views that you just can’t find in the warmer states, here are 23 amazing photos of Minnesota when the snow completely transformed the land into phenomenal scenery.

And as we get more and more snow, hopefully you can all get inspired to bundle up and head outside with your cameras to capture some of the most fantastic scenery of the year. When you snap those magical winter moments, be sure to share them with us on the Only In Minnesota Facebook Page for a chance to be featured on the page, or in some of our winter posts!

Jo Magliocco
Minnesota staff writer for Only in Your State and owner of Minnesota blog, I'm a Minneapolis transplant who loves my cats, camera, and local coffee. On the weekends I'm usually exploring the North Shore or making my way through the list of Minnesota's State Parks. Want to talk about MN or ask me a question? Tweet me @sotafiedjo!