Most People Don’t Know The (2nd) Quietest Place In The World Is Hiding In Minnesota

Alright, so we might be a little bitter about the whole second place thing… But we’ll get over it someday. Until Microsoft’s audio lab beat us last year, we did have the quietest place on earth. At Orfield Laboratories in Minneapolis, the anechoic chamber is quiet enough to drive a person mad.

Being able to hear your lungs, heart and even your ears is enough to torture a person after several minutes. In fact, the lack of sound is extremely disorienting, and visitors have to sit in chairs if they remain in the lab for an extended period of time, so that they don’t loose their balance. Of course, this chamber isn’t meant for people in reality. It’s made to test products for sound levels, and can also record studio quality sounds as quiet as a pin dropping. Do you think you could stand sitting in the quietest room in the world?