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10 Undeniable Things You’ll Find In Every Minnesota Home

When you think about a typical Minnesota home, what comes to mind? While it may be tricky to generalize our state into a few decor pieces or possessions, I think most of us can agree we all have a few innately “Minnesotan” things in our houses. How many of these things do you have?

Did we hit a few points there? There are obviously many things that can make your home “Minnesotan” in its own unique way, but we might just have a few things in common. And what other items do you think are in every Minnesotan home? Share them with us on the Only In Minnesota Facebook Page for round 2!

Jo Magliocco
Minnesota staff writer for Only in Your State and owner of Minnesota blog, I'm a Minneapolis transplant who loves my cats, camera, and local coffee. On the weekends I'm usually exploring the North Shore or making my way through the list of Minnesota's State Parks. Want to talk about MN or ask me a question? Tweet me @sotafiedjo!