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These 16 Amazing Breakfast Spots In Minneapolis Will Make Your Morning Epic

You know what they say: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” There’s no better way to start your day than with a terrific meal, but we think breakfast is totally underappreciated. Minneapolis is home to amazing restaurants serving just about every food imaginable; breakfast is no exception. Think about it: this is the one meal where you can order anything without anyone batting an eyelash. Burritos for breakfast? Delicious. In the mood for a sandwich? Add an egg and put it on a croissant. Now it’s breakfast. Need a little more protein? Have a steak with those eggs. You can find French crepes, Belgian waffles, Mexican huevos rancheros, and good old American pancakes all lined up on one menu. If you have a sweet tooth, breakfast should really be renamed “morning dessert.” Muffins are just cupcakes in disguise. A parfait is a sundae with fruit on it. Oreo French Toast and Cookie Dough Pancakes don’t even try to hide it.

Sure, it’s not practical (or possible) to wake up with a mimosa or two on a weekday, but saving up your excitement for a weekend treat just makes it more special! We went on a hunt for some of the best breakfast spots in town and found a few that definitely belong on your bucket list. Here are 16 amazing restaurants serving up dishes that will make your morning epic:

If you aren’t convinced that breakfast is the best, try out a few of these spots and get back to us. We think they might just change your mind about your morning meal!

Meg Archer
Meg is a Visual Media Editor & Writer for OnlyInYourState. She works in social media management, content production, video editing, and creative concept development. Meg enjoys playing with her food (cooking), writing furiously (at inconvenient moments), and exploring (everything and everywhere).