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These Airline Passengers Got A Special Motown Treat En-route To Detroit

The airline flight; right up there with a trip to the dentist and getting stuck in gridlock traffic. But every now and then, your experience goes above and beyond your expectations. Maybe it was that bump up to first class, being first to get your luggage at baggage claim, or not having to sit next to that guy who snores. And drools. All over your sad little bag of airplane snacks.

Well this was definitely one of those special moments that will go down in amazing flight experience history.

Watch here…

Last week, when Virgin Airline Atlantic founder Richard Branson traveled to Michigan to celebrate the airline’s inaugural direct flight from London to Detroit, he and other passengers were pleasantly surprised by an impromptu performance by the cast of Motown the Musical. Sigh, if only all our in-flight experiences could be this magical.

Serena Maria Daniels
Serena Maria Daniels is an award-winning freelance journalist in Detroit, by way of Chicago, by way of the West Coast. She writes about Michigan for OIYS. Serena enjoys learning about language and culture and taking road trips with her beagle Ralph.